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Why is digital marketing crucial for healthcare providers? Because 8 out of 10 people search for health information online before they schedule a visit with a professional.

So, if you aren’t findable online, you simply don’t exist.

And, just having a website is not enough to build this online presence. It takes carefully crafted digital marketing strategies to help your practice get noticed by the right people.

This is where we come in.

Our years of experience with digital marketing and thorough knowledge of the healthcare industry makes us the perfect choice for helping you to not only be findable by patients but make them schedule a visit. Simply put, we help grow your patient base.

The Basics of Healthcare Digital Marketing

The Basics of Healthcare Digital Marketing

Here is what our medical SEO services can do for your healthcare practice:

  • Creating a strong web presence – Creating a strong web presence means having a website that attracts traffic and having fool-proof strategies that do the job of pulling patients. It requires careful planning and systematic efforts to get to the point where people trust you enough to register for your services.

  • Managing reputation – One of the vital factors contributing to bringing in new patients is managing online reputation. Did you know that almost 72% of people check online reviews before booking an appointment with a healthcare provider? This is why you need to manage your online reputation.

  • Keeping up with healthcare trends – If you keep sticking to age-old practices you will lose out on new patients because digital marketing is continuously evolving. So, it is imperative to keep up with the changing trends such that you can incorporate them into your business as well.

  • Marketing your healthcare practice on social media – The importance of social media in this age and era doesn’t require saying. It is the place where you can interact with your patients directly. Hence, a strong social media presence is extremely vital for healthcare providers.

  • Optimizing for local search – Local searches bring in patients. Period. People staying in Mumbai wouldn't normally search for doctors in Kolkata. Hence, you need to ensure that you appear top of the list when people search online for local practices.

Healthcare Digital Marketing Services: What We Offer in Medical Marketing

  • Healthcare Website Design & Development
    First impressions are the most important, which is why you need a website that is attractive and well-designed. However, an aesthetically pleasing website can pull in visitors, to keep them and convert them into patients, you need to go the extra mile. We will help build a website that not only looks good, but is easy to navigate, informative, responsive, and search engine optimized.

  • Healthcare SEO Services
    People nowadays search for everything online. No point denying that. So, if you aren’t findable online through search engines you are as good as non-existent to your target audience. We ensure this doesn’t happen by optimizing your website with keywords and by following all the other SEO rules. With our expertise, you will rank on search engines thus increasing your patient volume.

  • Healthcare Reputation & Review Management
    The importance of online reviews cannot be emphasized more. Up to 72% of people look up healthcare providers' reviews online before booking an appointment, making online reputation management one of the most vital factors to attracting new patients. With our specialized healthcare reputation and review management, you can relax in peace since we take the responsibility of ensuring your practice doesn't receive any flak.

  • Local SEO Services
    Most of your patients will be from your geographical vicinity. Hence it is important to rank on local SEO searches to increase the volume of patients. Our SEO services include local SEO that makes sure that you appear on the list of local healthcare providers when people search for them.

  • Healthcare Advertising/Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)
    Online advertising such as PPC requires careful management since they are paid. Our years of experience and extensive knowledge of digital marketing as well as the healthcare industry have given us the expertise to come up with ads with maximum ROI.

  • Social Media Marketing for Healthcare
    Your presence on social media has a profound impact on your patients since it is the channel that lets you communicate directly with them. We understand the importance of social media engagements and thus create strategies that will help you gain more followers on social media.

Why Choose Healthcare DMS for digital marketing for the healthcare industry?

Why Choose Healthcare DMS for digital marketing for the healthcare industry?

There are several reasons to choose healthcare specialized digital marketing services. While a general digital marketing agency might know the ins and outs of online strategies, only a medical digital marketing agency will understand what working within this particular industry entails, such as what kind of information patients look for and how to attract patients to a clinic.

And, we are one of the best when it comes to healthcare digital marketing services because along with online services, we also offer:

  • Custom website design – We will design and develop a website for your business that is as unique as you. It will tell your story, but in a user-friendly way as well as search engine optimized. Our project managers will sit with you to understand your business to create a website that represents you online.

  • Healthcare Reputation Management Software – This is our exclusive offering whereby you can check your online reputation and how you fare against your competitors. Knowing your score would be immensely helpful in improving your reputation online.

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It is an online marketing service meant especially for healthcare practices to increase visibility and bring in more patients.

Absolutely, since it is the first point of contact with your patients online. Your website is the first place people will visit to gather information about your practice.

The cost would depend on a lot of factors, such as your requirements, duration, and the healthcare vertical you are operating in.

You can expect better online visibility leading to more organic traffic to your website and increased lead conversion.

The main responsibility of a healthcare marketer is to increase the visibility of the practice, bring in more leads, and help retain patients.

It would depend on a lot of factors, such as the kind of practice you have, how long you have been operating in the industry, and so on.

Because people now go online to search for everything, more so for health information and healthcare services. If you don’t have a solid online presence, you will lose out on this wide customer base.

We provide the complete range of digital marketing services for healthcare and medical practices, from SEO, website design and development, PPC, to data visualization and insights, social media, and e-detailing.

Because 8 out of 10 health-related queries start at search engines. People nowadays search online for health-related information as well as for reviews of practices. If you aren’t present online you cannot leverage this wide audience.

Just give us a call and we will guide you through the step-by-step process. We would also love to answer all your questions if you have any more.