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15+ Years of Expertise Driving Growth for US & India Clients

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How Digital Trends Are Driving Opportunities for Fertility & Reproductive Medicine Marketing

How Digital Trends Are Driving Opportunities for Fertility & Reproductive Medicine Marketing

How Digital Trends Are Driving Opportunities for Fertility & Reproductive Medicine Marketing

About 10-14% of Indian couples struggle with infertility. The rates are even higher in urban areas, where every 1 in 6 couples fail to conceive. As IVF is still a subject of discrete discussions in our country, those affected are more willing to seek help online to maintain anonymity. That's why a robust online presence is a must for your fertility clinics in this digital age. Moreover, while you may have a reputed, credible IVF clinic, you may struggle to grow your practice as most patients discontinue services post successful fertility treatment. Many are not likely to return after conceiving, which is why the continual acquisition of new patients is critical to ensure sustainable growth.

We at Healthcare DMS can help boost your IVF practice's digital presence and build a stellar brand image so that whenever a prospect seeks help with fertility issues, you are the first one they find online.

What We Can Achieve for Your IVF & Fertility Practices

Improved Brand Presence

Improved Brand Presence

More New Patient Inquiries

More New Patient Inquiries

Enhanced Practice Reputation

Enhanced Practice Reputation

Increased Revenue for Your Practice

Increased Revenue for Your Practice

Measurable Marketing Expenditure

Measurable Marketing Expenditure

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The Healthcare DMS Difference:
Driving Growth for Healthcare Clients for Over 15 Years

Ever Evolving

Healthcare marketing is an ever-evolving industry, and Healthcare DMS is evolving with it at every step. We have seen the healthcare digital landscape change since 2005.

Omni Channel Approach

We know the importance of getting new leads because we do it for ourselves each and every month. We use an Omni-channel approach (be it paid media, organic search, or email marketing) to drive patients to your practice.

Experience Serving the US and Indian Market

We have constantly been helping local Indian, and US healthcare brands maximize their revenues and patient footfalls by implementing ROI-driven digital marketing strategies.

Award Winning Agency

In 2022, Healthcare DMS ranked among the Top 10 healthcare marketing & communication service providers in India conducted by Industry outlook magazine.

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  3. Establish Your Marketing Plan

    Based on the analysis, our marketing team will devise a strategy to help you beat your competitors

  4. Implement & Grow Your Practice

    Once we devise a strategy, we will implement it straight away