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Video Marketing Services for Healthcare

Having a robust video marketing strategy to promote your healthcare practice has become imperative, as one in eight patients use online video to research hospitals, health insurance, and other healthcare-related information and a landing page with a video is 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results.

At Healthcare DMS, we create high-quality, informative videos that put your practice right in front of your prospects. Our customized video marketing strategies will build brand awareness and credibility, increasing the influx of patients to your practice.

How Video Marketing Can Influence Your Healthcare Business?

Videos are the perfect way to build your healthcare brand, as they effectively communicate your services and competence on treatments and procedures to your target patients in an engaging way. From increasing visitor engagement to generating more leads and traffic to your healthcare website, video marketing will accomplish all your marketing goals.

Here are a few video types that you can use to educate and engage patients:

  • Patient Testimonial Videos
    These videos of happy, satisfied patients play a vital role in attracting new patients. You could not find a better salesperson for your practice than a satisfied patient. Yes, when potential patients see how happy and enthused your existing patients are, they are more likely to book an appointment knowing that they will have the same experience too.

  • Website Welcome Videos
    These videos can help to connect with your potential patients by introducing them to your hospital, healthcare system, culture, and explaining to them the services and treatments offered at your practice. This way, you can help them make an informed decision.

  • Doctor Profile Videos
    Every patient would like to know about their doctor before scheduling an appointment. Adding a doctor profile video with the physician’s background, education qualification, specialty, experience, and expertise in their field, community presence, and a short message from them help patients have a clear picture of their provider.

  • Healthcare Tips and Informational Videos
    These videos can be used to inform your patients about tips on maintaining their health and wellness and any information concerning any specific treatment or procedure they need to know. If they find these videos are useful and engaging, not only they will watch, but also share them with others. This will increase your site’s organic traffic.

Why Choose Healthcare DMS for Healthcare Video Marketing Services?

Why Choose Healthcare DMS for Healthcare Video Marketing Services?

TAt Healthcare DMS, we create good quality videos with captivating content/information to help your practice thrive online. Through consistent video creation and posting on relevant platforms, we can help your practice gain more attention and opportunities. We have trained experts on board who can create a solid video marketing campaign that boosts your brand loyalty and establish yourself as a reliable and trusted name in the industry.

Here is how we can take your practice to the next level with our medical video marketing services:

  • Developing an effective video marketing strategy based on your goals
  • Keeping your profiles up-to-date on video marketing platforms
  • Engaging your target patients with regular video posts
  • Creating impressive title, description, and thumbnail image for your video to increase your click-through rates
  • Optimizing your video as per search engine standards to improve your visibility and SEO ranking
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As videos will contribute to 82% of internet traffic by 2022, promoting your healthcare facility with video marketing is essential. It helps to:

  • Outrank your competitors online
  • Easily grab your patients’ attention
  • Increase your website’s conversions
  • Generate social shares
  • Lower your bounce rates

We use reliable video marketing platforms, such as:

  • YouTube
    YouTube is the second largest search engine that can improve your SEO and overall online presence. By posting your practice or service-related videos on YouTube, you can gain more exposure while building your brand authority, trust, and market reach.

  • Facebook
    Being the largest social media platform with 1.9 billion daily active users, Facebook can be incredibly effective for your healthcare marketing. Facebook videos are the easiest way to connect with your target patients, increase brand awareness, and promote positive reviews.

  • Instagram
    Instagram, a very popular social media network with one billion new joins every month, is a great place for healthcare practices looking to increase their organic traffic. Instagram videos showcase your healthcare brand in a friendly, authentic way, widening your patient engagement and outreach.

  • Twitter
    Twitter is a lucrative social media platform with 206 million daily active users. Video marketing on Twitter can help gain followers to your healthcare brand, drive traffic to your site, and promote individual tweets to boost engagement and campaign visibility.

Though you do not have a YouTube channel, you can use videos as a part of your other marketing strategies, such as content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

We perform comprehensive keyword research to find highly-searched keywords of your niche. Then, we optimize your video’s title, tags, and descriptions with those keywords to increase its visibility across the web. Also, we track your video’s click-through rates, rankings, and the number of subscribers and views to further enhance the performance of your video marketing campaign accordingly.

Yes, we customize your video marketing package based on your budget and specific marketing needs.